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1985 Duty Station, 9th MAB, Okinawa Japan mission "KAM'S Jazz House" 

Poem to KAM


All the bottles lined up in a row
No one know's how they got there
I ran away tonight just to get away
I know it's not easy
But I've got to see the show


Please let me stay
I have nowhere to go
I've just got to see the show


Remember me, I'm the one who knows
It's been a week or so
Have you seen anything new
The time is like the bottles all in a row
Play for me one more show
I came to see the show


The room is empty and the lights are low
I feel you near me
I feel your soul
There's the sound of music in the room
You touch me and I feel your soul
Let's leave the world together and see the show


The turtle smoking menthols
A child in a red shawl
This is KAM'S place and music's in the walls


88 keys and the message on the walls keeps me in tune to the place in my soul that's in tune with the time of the music


Not much to see and not much to say
This place is light years away


Sometimes my friends and I would stay for hours just to hear KAM play


It's not just the music it's the way we can stay and stay to feel the music in His soul become the music in us all


The people who work there are so warm and friendly 
They open their arms to the whole place
And you know as though it's always so
Like I've been here a thousand times
Like it's our home


The waitress reads a book in the corner and the cook takes a moment to think and I hear water running in the sink


It feels as though I can think and think
Simple but it's true I can wait for KAM and the music that's blue
As the drums wait in the corner for a rhythm suite


Play me says the piano keys
Play me KAM make it sweet
Can me and the few enjoy the sharps, flats and major tones
The whole notes, quarters and halves as they come


The people roll in with hats, spats, and gloves
The cook murmurs a favorite tune
The waitress looks to the menu and sees a favorite food


A nod from an old friend and the blood starts to flow
The lights turn on and the bottles in a row
KAM shakes my hand gives me a smile and introduces me to a new fellow
He say's it's been a while how are you?
I'm in the mood for a tune and it's time for the blue


Static buildup inner cling
The mood is changing and the bell strikes a ring
It's time for some new swing and rhythm


The old crews in town there's no beating around
Keeping time the drummer plays, the laughter rises and the people sigh
No time to talk it's time to rise
The waitress requests her favorite tune "Manhatten Jazz Quartet" Hmmmm


The mood slips into a run
Are the bottles lined up for fun?
MMC playing me for a foul
Can it be a matter of cool for us in this pool
All in one and much to see
There's Old Parr, Chavis, and V.O. starring back at me


There's a sweet China girl sitting next to me
She's laughing and smiling at all but me
Smoking Mild Sevens she's in all the room, every corner and soon she's puffin away to small talk from a man in blue

The bass player walks in with his axe and it's too cool
She asks a question and we all listen in


A samba for the soul
They come here for the blue and place their ears in the hands of KAM to let him keep their minds and hearts in tone most of all to keep us whole


The cream is about a half inch from the rim
Underneath is a darkened murky soul, that is where I am
There is icing on the top but a dark spirit within
Rim of gold and silver spoon
Music my spirit and rhythm my soul
Parlayed with chatter of dishes and smoke filled rooms
They come here with open hearts and minds, to soak up pain and blue

And the drummers in suite with KAM


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