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Beginner | Basement Chops?


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Do you really want to get out of that bedroom, garage or basement and play in a band?  I won't fool you it will take hard work.  With a structured format, building up a strong foundation of rhythm, rudiments and repetition you can be working out.  Playing LIVE you will be getting the most important ingredent, SHOW TIME playing with other rock stars and being part of a dream team.  Get ready to sweat. Most bands need to play up to 30+ songs by 20 different artist.  The drummer never gets to rest.  You get to the gig first and leave last. Cancel the gym membership. The only part of your body that will not be moving is your butt.  Let's get to work and make it a reality. 



Working | Live Performer?


Call for Appointment 704.616.3741

You are working out at clubs and events but you know in order to play 30+ songs a night you need to build up your catalog of riffs, rolls and rhythms. Most likely you see strenghts and weaknesses that you can identfy, however, you can't get to where you need to be fast enough to keep growing your song list.  You might need a quick tune up or would like to really take some big steps forward.  We can take a look at where you are together and make a realistic set of goals to achieve and meet your immediate and long term drumming journey.  We are all on that journey together and some of us are just a bit further along.  We can hit it hard and get you grooving like a live wire.



Recording | Session Cat?


Call for Appointment 704.616.3741

It's all about listening more than playing when it comes to being part of the groove. Being part of that groove is what it is all about.  When your NOT everyone behind the glass can hear it and there is no place to hide. We need a rhythm meter that is part of our soul. Some have it and some don't, but we all have to work at locking in the groove.  I will take you through the paces so you can handle the pressure of the unknown. You know the best drummers have the ability to see into the future, right? Don't LOL it's true! It can be one of the most rewarding experiences laying down a solid drum track, or very frustrating if you are not prepared to contribute to the project.  We work on all aspects of your skills and studio hip craft as the groove master, the likes of The Hit Maker! "Bernard Purdie". Let's break it down together and shore it up tight! It ain't nothin but a thig Bra/Sis...



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