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I'm listing a short Biography and all my work as far back as I can remember up to today.



Session Musician, Ready to Play, Professional, Creative, and Dependable. I blend my drum sound and create grooves to support the foundation of the other serious musicians.


      I listen......while I play.....and take direction...... 


MY STYLE: In-the-pocket, tight funk, straight ahead Rock, Country, Blues, studio recording experience, stylist, Jazz Brush Chops, professional attitude, SHORT NOTICE GIGS or SESSIONS, Sing lead & backup vocals


EDUCATION: Dr. Carlson (Crawford High School, San Diego) Studied under Sodie Arcia, Melvin Love, Jamie Silvie, Bruce Norton School of Music, Jim Papageorge, Omar Ramirez (Traditional Jazz, Big Band Jazz, Funk, R&B, Salsa Jazz, Rock, Improvisational)


RECORDING/PERFORMANCE: Sodie Arcia, Omar Ramirez, Marcel East (Nathan East's Brother), Ray Brown Jr.(Japan) (The Great Ray Brown's Son)(The godson of the Great R&B Guitar/Bass Player Phil Upchurch), Kamura (Jazz Artist Japan), Craig Ingraham, Shiva Band, Sandi Patty, Ron Roper, Sally Alice Gibson, Steve White, Craig & Steve Bingham, Lifestyle, Audiowine, RockNRoll Freight Train, JukeBox Paradise, Shawn Mann, Skyndeep, Escape To Paradise, KatKandu, The Classic Groove Band, Shotgun Saints, Acoustic Saints.........



  • Sodie Arcia

  • Melvin Love

  • Jamie Silvey

  • Bruce Norton

  • Dr. Carson

Musicians & Vocalist

  • Sodie Arcia

  • Ryan Arcia

  • Ron Roper

  • Tom Beal

  • Pat Hawk

  • Sandi Patty

  • Michael Patty

  • Maurice White

  • Craig Ingerham 

  • Jim Papageorge

  • Melvin Love

  • Omar Ramirez

  • Blair Davey

  • Bram Peterson

  • Craig Bingham

  • Steve Bingham

  • Micheal Guttman

  • Fred Atchitson

  • Sally Alice Gibson

  • Jeff Boyd

  • Vilaya Roberts

  • Claudia Ray

  • Mark Hinson

  • Shawn Mann

  • Nick Hradek

  • Kathy "Kat" Hurley

  • Johnny Blackburn

  • Phil Killough

  • Dennis Tooley

  • Doug Gates

  • Marcel East

  • Al Stovel

  • Craig Shaw

  • Carlton Cunningham

  • Steve MacLellan

  • DZ

  • Sandra Mauldwin

  • Joey Bishop

  • Jason Dunn

  • Rob Rudock

  • Jason Dittmer

  • Kyle Glady

  • Lil Jones





  • The Lil Jones Band

  • The Deadrockers

  • Shotgun Saints

  • Acoustic Saints

  • The Classic Groove Band

  • KatKandu

  • Escape To Paradise

  • Shawn Mann

    • Honky Tonk Casanovas

    • Skyndeep

  • Rock N Roll Freight Train

  • Audiowine

  • Steve Largo Band

  • Lifestyle

  • Good N Plenty

  • Higher Ground

  • Shiva Band

  • The Light Brigade

  • Lighting




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